Plants and Soils of the Walnut Wetlands

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Wake County Watershed

A watershed is the area of land that catches rainfall and snow and drains or seeps into streams, rivers, marshes and eventually the ocean. The Neuse River basin takes up 85% of the land area in Wake County. Wake County has five principle stream corridors. From east to west they are the Little River, Buffalo Creek, Crabtree Creek, Walnut Creek, Swift Creek and Black Creek. Running across the southern portion of Raleigh, Walnut Creek is one of the most prominent streams in the capital city area.

Website created by Frank Koch, Ross Andrews, and Chris Murray. All pictures taken by Ross Andrews at the Walnut Creek Wetlands in Southeast Raleigh. Maps generated by Frank Koch using ESRI ArcGIS 8.1. Soil profiles and their descriptions completed by Chris Murray. For more information on how you can help preserve this vital urban resource please write to Partners For Environmental Justice, c/o St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 813 Darby Street, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27610.